100 Days of Code Challenge

On 22nd August I will be pushing the boundaries and will be taking part in a 100 days of code challenge.

The challenge, originally created by Alexander Kallaway in 2016, is a commitment to code every day for 100 days. The challenge, allows you to learn something new, and upskill what you already know. The great thing is that is also connects you to others doing the challenge too!

For my challenge, I will be creating a WordPress theme from scratch. This is something I have done before, but this time will be making a theme which will be lightweight. It will be built on Advanced Custom Fields, and will be sustainable too.

The plan will be to stream on Twitch, however I won’t be able to do this every day. On the days where there will be no stream, I will update the blog and tweet with what I have done on that day. On stream days you will be able to catch up on YouTube, and see a blog post and twitter progress.

Why am I doing the challenge?

The challenge helps you to code daily and to learn something new or upskill in certain areas. For me, although I know how to code a WordPress theme, I am pushing the boundaries to create my first theme without a builder. My previous themes used WPBakery which is overall clunky and not good for the environment. I want to change this.

How can we watch?

I will be streaming on Twitch, which you can watch here. Furthermore, if you do miss a stream, you can catch up on my YouTube channel.

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