Sustainable Website Design & why it’s Important

As you may have seen on my website, I promote sustainable website design and hosting. But what exactly does this mean? We will explore wha

Your Website is Killing The Planet

If you already have a website, the chances are pretty likely that its’ one of millions that’s killing the planet. You may not know this, but every time a user browses to your website, it generates cO2 emissions. The data centre where your website is hosted uses more electricity when your website is being visited thus resulting an impact on the planet.

Switching to Sustainable Green Hosting is a positive first step. If you’re not currently on sustainable hosting then check out the packages here.

The next stage would be to do a website review and find out how much carbon your website emits. Use the tool by clicking here.

Sustainable Website Design

Things to Remember

Having loads of images: Loads of images means that pages don’t load as fast. Do you really need as many images? Are your images in a WebP format for fast loading? Or have you compressed them using a website such as TinyJPG?

Overloading your website: If you use plugins to extend the functionality then avoid using too many and only use ones you really need. Every plugin has an impact. Additionally if your website uses a theme that “requires” a high amount of plugins, it’s best to do a manual check to see if you really need them.

Need a New Website?

Have you been thinking about having a new website built? If that answer is yes then drop us a message and we can discuss your new idea! All websites we build will be a sustainable website design and cleaner than a huge percentage of websites out there and will pass checks on the Carbon Calculator website.

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