Sustainable Hosting
That's great for the environment

Millions of Websites are Killing the Planet

It’s time to take action and help the environment. We want future generations to enjoy our planet and our green spaces just as much as we have. We also want to protect the wildlife, stop climate change and global warming. Why not start with where your website is hosted? Millions of websites are killing the planet. Let’s take steps to reverse this!

Did you know that if the internet was a country, it would be the 6th largest polluter when it comes to CO2 emissions.!? It’s time to take action now!

Krystal provides Green Web Hosting, and runs on 100% ecotricity. That means it’s great for the environment, and generates less CO2 emissions than your standard web hosting. This type of hosting needs to be the new standard, however sadly it’s not. Let’s change that!

Why Sustainable Hosting?

Green Hosting

Krystal hosting is green, which means it’s good for the environment, and is run on 100% Ecotricity.

Real Impact

Every time you buy a web hosting package via my site, I plant 100 real trees through Ecologi. Check out my forest by clicking here.


The amazing thing about this is the cost. Why should we be overcharging to help the environment? Hosting starts at only £4.99/month.

Sustainable Hosting Plans

To complete your order you will need to head over to Krystal’s website. As an added bonus, use coupon code ‘SHEEN’ at Krystal’s chckout to get £10 back in available credit to use on any hosting plan! Click here to begin!

Help Grow Our Forest

Every month, I continue to grow my forest with Ecologi. On top of this, every time I sell a web hosting package via this page, I plant a further 100 trees.

You can help even further by growing my forest yourself. If you would like to help me then you can do this by clicking here.